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Can my floor be sanded?
All solid floors can be sanded.

Can you fit a new floor for me?
Yes, please use the contact page to phone or e-mail me.
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About us..       

Hello, my name is Bill Steele. We have been running a building business in the Highlands of Scotland for over thirty years now. We are based in our home village of Kingussie near Aviemore
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Welcome to our site.

Hello and welcome to Highland Floor Sanding.

Maybe you have a floor that looks similar to the left side of the photo below?

If so why not take a look around this site and see how a floor that has been left and forgotten under carpets can be transformed into a beautiful, warm, natural looking surface.


      Half of the floor sanded

The left side of this photo is the un-sanded floor. This is a good example of how well an aged solid wooden floor will clean up. This floor is of pine.


Recent work

This is a church floor we did locally. I have taken as many photographs as possible to try and show you how a floor can be totally transformed. Click on an image below to see all the work carried out in the church or

 to see more of our work please click on the Gallery.

Still the first run of the sander at a different angle.After the fourth run notice the differnce between the old floor and the sanded floor.First coat of varnish being applied.