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Fitting new wooden floors

Various types


Wooden floors come in a vast range of quality and styles. For advice and a free estimate please visit the contact page.


Photographs ( work in progress & completed floors )

Here are just a few of the floors we have done. Please bear in mind that we have only started taking photographs of our work since this web site was started, therefore it may be a while before I can fill the gallery with photo's.


Wood Shed Bar ( Aviemore )


These photograph's were taken nearly a year after we completed it. We used a very hard wearing water based varnish that still looks as good as when we applied it.

All of the floor was covered in glue that was left over from the carpet tiles that were taken up and it was almost black in colour.


Wood shed bar. Aviemore.Wood shed photo coming soon.Wood shed photo coming soon.Wood shed photo coming soon.


Church Floor ( Kingussie )


We extended the balcony in this church that allowed us to build a kitchen and disabled toilets underneath. The floor was sanded near the end of the job and all gaps including plumbers hatches were filled with the sawdust from the sanded floor mixed with a hard drying liquid.


Floor sanding: KingussieFloor sanding: KingussieFloor sanding: KingussieFloor sanding: Kingussie


The Gunsmiths Bar ( Inverness )


The Gunsmiths Bar looked like it had been attacked with thousands of pairs of high heeled shoes and required 3 - 5mm to be taken off the surface. It was then finished with 3 coats of high durable varnish. Photographs to come.